"Playing with your look is the key to inhabiting the world with style.”

To mark the launch of the Spring/Summer 2021 season, Monnier Frères is teaming up with director Audrey Mascina and photographer Melie Hirtz to bring us a light and energetic introduction to a unique selection of this season's shoes, jewellery and bags.

Presented as a film in the style of a music video, as well as a photo campaign, this new chapter - a veritable choreographic tour de force - immerses us in a sense of perpetual movement expressed through the medium of dance.

"Play with Monnier Frères” is a portrayal of femininity and masculinity at their most unapologetic, and invites us to follow - sometimes in an unexpected way - a group of dancers led by music and play.

About Audrey Mascina

Her past as a dancer and musician have yielded a passionate and singular sense of staging; a memory of sensations that fuels her visual writing in a very physical, choreographic and immersive way. Audrey Mascina has written and directed films for Devialet, Lancôme, Cartier, YSL Beauté, L'Oréal, Helena Rubinstein, Repetto and more.


About Melie Hirtz

Meli is a young photographer who very quickly found herself immersed in the world of fashion, first in front of the camera - as a muse for American Apparel, among others - before quickly realising that she prefers life behind the lens. Mélie loves dance and the grace of bodies. She shoots for many magazines such as Numéro Magazine, Shon and Duel, as well as for fashion brands.




Consulting & Creation: HANI PARIS - Production : Entête - Under the supervision of d’Adrien SAMMUT and Thibault KUNZ


Director: Audrey Mascina - Photographer: Mélie Hirtz  - Styling: Garlone Jadoule - Choreographer: Carmen Loanga - Dancer / Model : Janina SARANTSINA, Stessy EMILIE, Xiaoyi LIU & Patric KUO - Music: Benjamin Sahuc