Often, choosing a bag can create something of a quandary. Should you blow your savings on a high quality piece, even if it means overlooking the latest trends? Or accumulate bags that might not last as long so you can stay at the forefront of fashion?

With increased environmental awareness and the clear need for a new approach to fashion, there comes a need to find the perfect bag; one that combines quality, durability and timelessness in the face of frivolous and ever-changing trends. Thankfully, Dutch label Wandler has come to the rescue, with an exciting collection of bags, each more beautiful than the next. 

So what if we had a little fun working out a personality for each of the bags in the range, so we can find "The One" - the one to invest in, the one most suited to our daily lives? 

The Georgia baguette bag 
- Georgia is a discerning fashionista who loves vintage style and is constantly reminding us that fashion goes round in circles. A child of the nineties, her all-time favourite series is Sex & The City and she often joins forces with Sarah Jessica Parker to become an icon of sophistication and style. 

The Hortense handbag
- Hortense is a workaholic. Between the office, the kids and her various evening activities, she makes a habit of always having everything to hand.

Modern and dynamic, she prioritises practicality without ever compromising on elegance and style. Despite her hectic days, she still likes to go out at night and is at home in any situation.

The Corsa Card Holder
- Corsa is full of charm and charisma and the cutest of all her friends. Always dressed in unexpected looks, she never goes unnoticed. Corsa is definitely an It-girl; whether day or night, she only ever carries the essentials - her credit card and lipstick. 

The Carly bag 
- Carly has always been discreet and has never been interested in "being seen". Never one to follow a trend, she loves practical, simple objects with purpose. She's not a fan of anything superfluous and always focuses on her goals without ever deviating from them.  

The Nana bag
- Nana has more than one trick up her sleeve. A social butterfly, she gets along with everyone, whatever the situation. Her elegant, feminine style means she often turns heads, and she makes a point of always being free to move around. Nothing is off limits to her and never denies herself anything.