Elleme is inspired by the French phrase "Elle aime" (She loves), and creates pieces coveted by fashion’s most discerning women. The label finds its roots in the effortless elegance of the classic Parisienne and the Chinese heritage of its founder Jingjing Fan. With their minimalist and timeless silhouettes, the brand's accessories offer a graphic yet feminine design for a truly timeless look. With the Baguette enjoying something of a fashion renaissance, Elleme has reinterpreted this iconic piece from the late nineties and early 2000s, bringing it in line with the brand’s desire to make bags that are simple and eternally chic. This season, the label brings us a miniature version of its most sought-after design. Like the famous French baguette from which it takes its name, it is worn tucked under the arm. But don't be fooled - its small size does nothing to detract from its immense charisma. Au contraire, this retro accessory still makes a massive impact.