Let’s be honest, who hasn't dreamt of snuggling back up in bed during the morning commute?

Well, to all the sleeping beauties out there, it’s time to check out the Puffy Bag trend, the perfect antidote to those puffy eyes. For several seasons now, we’ve got used to seeing the puffy trend on winter pieces such as thick down jackets, or on romantic blouses with puffed-up sleeves in the spring/summer months.

For 2020, the trend has moved onto accessories.

First introduced by Bottega Veneta, soft and pillowy quilted bags are a reminder that in 2020, practicality reigns supreme. Not forgetting the comfort of the sofa (ah, that busy lockdown life), the puffy bag trend lets us carry our pillow with us all day long.

And in practice?

• Generally speaking, the puffy bag is easiest to coordinate with long woollen coats, another big trend for Winter 2020.

• As a clutch, it brings a sophisticated touch in the evening, for those allowed out past the curfew, of course. For the rest of us, the quilted clutch makes an irresistible luxury cushion for lounging on the sofa.

• Its shoulder-strap version can be taken everywhere, any time. With dark jeans, a chunky knit sweater and neo-Western ankle boots, you'll look like a copywriter from a top fashion magazine.