Unlike last year, 2021 isn't exactly off to a flying start. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's to. slow. down. So, today we've decided to share a few of our tips for adopting the “slow living” trend.

1. Meditate once a day: Meditation, as tedious as it may sound, is actually a great way to refocus on yourself and live in the present moment. Meditate in the morning to organise your thoughts, or in the evening before bed to calm them.``

2. Treat yourself: You have to know how to enjoy yourself from time to time, after all, you deserve it! Go ahead, indulge yourself, give yourself a treat, a touch of self-love as it were.

3. Get some fresh air: You might not think it, but teleworking can really turn you into a homebody, and you start to actually dread the idea of leaving your humble abode. And yet there's nothing like a brisk walk on the banks of the Thames or a jog through the forest to relax your mind and take in the outside air. So slip on your most stylish sneakers, from Monnier Frères bien sûr, and off you go!

4. Adopt a self-care routine: Whether it's just your evening skincare routine or having a coffee on your balcony, it's important to make time for yourself. Set aside an hour in the day for yourself when you won't be doing anything other than taking care of YOU: light candles, run a hot bath, make a cup of tea, and enjoy!

5. Switch off your phone: The digital disconnect trend is everywhere right now and for good reason: switching off from the infernal cycle of social media and constant notifications feels SO good! Go ahead, put your phone in flight mode as soon as you possibly can, and breeeeeathe. You won't regret it.