"Fashion, at its best, has always been about community, creativity and building lasting relationships.". Such is the vision of Stuart Vevers, Artistic Director at Coach, when he talks about Coach’s latest campaign, the focus of which is on family.

The idea behind the event? To return to the things that really matter, and the key values of the brand. In these very unusual times, going back to basics seemed an obvious choice to him, and it was this approach that inspired the campaign, putting the spotlight on the modern family.

Coach gives the floor to its ambassadors to share their visions of family, alongside the flagship bags from the AW20 collection, in particular the Tabby bag. "I am proud to share stories with our Coach Family about the people that matter most in their lives.”

To the question "What does family mean to you?", Coach muse Jennifer Lopez talks of family as "a constant source of love and light. I have never felt so close to my family or so dependent and needing them as I have during this time in my life". Other famous faces are featured too, such as Michael B. Jordan or Kiko Mizuhara and her sister, Yuka Mizuhara, accompanied by their two cats Chicco and Bambi.

To mark this week of Coach, we wanted to take part in this movement and tell you about our vision of family at Monnier Frères. A notion that is particularly close to our hearts.


The MONNIER family by Diaa Elyaacoubi, Monnier CEO

"The MONNIER family is a community of talent, energy, passion and enthusiasm. We enjoy coming to the office in the morning to share, exchange ideas and to excel. It is important for us to be able to generate emotion and happiness, and to build a story that is unique to this family, which is growing day by day. Our brands are also a major part of this big family and we always strive to bring their values and messages to life. The Monnier family is a community of people, made up of our employees, our customers and our partner brands with whom we want to continue on this adventure.”


"Comfort, Empathy, Kindness" Louise, Content Editor

"Caring, Loyalty, Respect" Ines, Marketing assistant

"Security, Support, Trust" Céline, Communication

"Sharing, Transmission, Love" Anne-Sophie, Marketing Director

How about you, what three words best describe your family?


"Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring."

Carmel Snow