Alexander McQueen is not just on-trend. Alexander McQueen IS the trend.

The brand has arguably created the best white trainers of the season - and of all seasons, until the end of time. The versatile and unconventional oversized trainer by Alexander McQueen is more than just a passing trend. Perhaps a shoe really can solve all the world’s problems; in any event, this sneaker could well solve some for you.

The question is how to style them, so there's no more mumbling about chunky shoes being too difficult to wear.


- The Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers are a perfect match for the season’s wide leg woollen trouser trend, particularly when these come in a camel, beige or grey. Offset by a tight-fitting top, the thick sole of the shoe will bring a streetwear look that's easy to adopt and adore.

- For the beginning of the autumn season, take advantage of the last of the warm weather and pair your Alexander McQueen sneakers with bare legs and a midi skirt. You can mix up the look with a sweatshirt in the same shades.

- For those who are keen to tone down the sneaker's streetwear vibe, you can combine it with 7/8 pleated pants, a round-neck sweater and a wool pea coat.

- Teamed with a classic suit and vintage patterned tee, the sneakers will add a much-needed modern twist to a traditionally classic outfit.

- And to further boost the androgynous effect of these Alexander McQueen shoes, they can be worn with high-waisted boyfriend jeans and a turtle-neck slipped under an oversized shirt.

- With a denim miniskirt, black tights and cosy maxi sweater, the Alexander McQueen sneakers are the perfect way to offset the shortness of the skirt.



To finish, it's worth noting that to fully optimise the style credentials of your Alexander McQueen sneakers, it's best to avoid teaming them with:

- 3-stripe joggers

- An accumulation of overly distressed pieces

- An overly baggy trouser-and-top combo.


P.S. In the event that the Alexander McQueen white oversized sneaker becomes the new Stan Smith, it is available in various models (see more here), all of which can be easily combined with the Autumn/Winter 20 trends; Either way, Alexander McQueen is the new go-to of all the Monnier Team.