2021 Fashion Resolutions  

From top trends to ethical choices and seasonal details galore, check out the new year's fashion resolutions you can adopt (or wilfully ignore) for 2021.

  1. Thou shalt expand your wardrobe in an eco-friendly way. Here and here
  2. Thou shalt invest in iconic and timeless pieces. Here
  3. Thou shalt dare to wear bold and powerful pieces. Here and here
  4. Thou shalt spice up your wardrobe with summery shades. Here
  5. Thou shalt create a shared wardrobe with unisex pieces. Here
  6. Thou shalt invest in some boots with chunky soles. Here
  7. Thou shalt exercise in style with a pair of designer sneakers. Here
  8. Thou shalt update your classic outfits with a touch of silver. Here
  9. Thou shalt finally give in to the double-denim trend for Spring 2021. Here
  10. Thou shalt keep the headphones you got for Christmas in a beautiful protective case. Here

Bonus: Thou shalt consult your 2021 Fashion horoscope and buy the pieces that correspond to your sign. Here